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Hello everyone!

A topic that came up in my life was the blasphemous DE-FRIENDING! Today I was de-friended on Facebook by one of my family members due to a little tiff. Now, some people view being de-friended as a frivolous detail; I, however, find it very rude. If I am so disposable as a “friend” that you can de-friend me, then why were you my friend? But what’s worse is when you log back in to a new friend request from the person who de-friended you! Personally, I would NEVER re-friend someone who de-friended me, unless it was an accident or we have seriously had a heart-to-heart and mended whatever problems where going on in real life. I refuse to fight petty fights via Facebook, or any social media for that mater!

So, how do you feel about de-friending people? Have you ever been de-friended? If so, would you ever accept another friend request from them again?