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Say What?


Hello everyone!
While writing today I started thinking about funny words. As normal as English sounds, there are so many crazy word out there! (Not to mention, most of the time we like to throw in some extra consonants just for fun, i.e. knife, wrap, bomb, pneumonia, etc.). So for fun, I thought I would compile my list of the ten funniest words I know and love! Here goes:

10. Fuzzy: This one isn’t really a “funny” word per say, but I love to write this one in cursive! All those loops and z’s are fun! Lol

9. Colonel: This word does not even come close to sounding like it is spelled. It should sound like “Kol on el” not “Ker nel”!! Is there an “r” in that word?? Yeah I didn’t think so…

8. Dinglehopper: A tool with a fork-like resemblance that is used for brushing hair. Being a mermaid is not necessary.

7. Thwart: This is a very onomatopoetic (dig that) word!! It just sounds short, like someone is being squashed. Also, it’s fun to say! Thwart. Hehe.

6. Tutelage: Again, this word is just so darn fun to say! Your inner kindergartener comes out with this one. Tute! Tute! Lol

5. Arugula: Apparently its like lettuce, only it’s much more interesting! Plus, you sound so much more fancy. Watch: “I’m having a salad made with cucumbers and lettuce.” Eh. Not impressed. All salads have lettuce. Now this: “I’m having a salad made with cucumbers and arugula.” Impressive! Fancy! I’m coming to your house for dinner! See?? Lol

4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious, it’s fun to say!

3. Flabbergasted: Such a great word! I just can’t believe how fun it is! I’m flabbergasted! Hehe

2. Plethora: This is an awesome word! And it just sounds so nice when sprinkled into any essay, journal, or term paper. Sprinkle on the sophistication! Lol


1. Discombobulated: Being that I am ALWAYS Discombobulated, this is my favorite word! So easy to use every day, and it is so descriptive! Just the word discombobulated sounds discombobulated! Haha

What are your favorite funny words? How do use them?