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Radiant Rebecca’s Christmas List!


Hello everyone!
Between Black Friday, my favorite radio station starting their yearly Christmas music marathon, and the fact that my family and I are decorating tomorrow, I am in full Christmas mode!! I feel like I’m four again!! So to celebrate, I’m sharing my Christmas list for this year. If you’re reading Santa, I’m sure you know that I have been EXCELLENT this year!! I’m sure that this list of GORGEOUS beauty and artsy items will not take too much room in your sleigh! So here goes:

Bare Escentuals “Putting on the Glitz” Collection
This kind of kit is what I call the “whole kit and caboodle”!!! Lol. It contains two eyecolors, a mascara, a primer shadow (which is one of my favorite things about this kit!!), a radiance, blush, and a dual ended cheek and eye brush!! And, everything is clad in beautiful, festive gold!! That and more makes this kit number one!!!

Bare Escentuals Ready 8.0 Palette in “The Playlist”
This GORGEOUS palette contains 8 stunning eyecolors in warm shades of gold, burgundy, brown, and much more! I am definitely a “warmer” girl, so The Playlist is the palette for me! But, if you’re more on the cooler side, then the other 8.0 palette available, called “The Cocktail Hour” is the one for you!! Both of these stunning sets come with a mini dual-ended eye brush, a welcome change from the typical sponge applicators that normally accompany the ready palettes. And, they are also GOLD!! Hehe 🙂 I am LOVING the festive colors of these new Bare Escentuals items!!

Bare Escentuals “Strike it Rich” Primer Shadow Collection
This adorable little kit comes with five mini Bare Escentuals Prme Time Primer Shadows in shades of gold, silver, peach, sand, and chocolate brown!! I love BE’s primer shadows so much, especially for lazy days or when I’m running late! Just rub a little on, add mascara, and my eyes are ready for a long, long day!! And these colors are TO DIE FOR!! Can’t wait to play with these on Christmas morning!! Hehe 🙂

Vera Bradley Tote in Suzani
Another one of my favorite things is Vera Bradley! Their backs are so beautifully colorful and keep me SO organized! Suzani is a beautiful pattern of rich, jewel-toned florals on a satiny (is that a word? Lol) black background, and it will make a beautiful addition to my collection!

philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
This is the best facial cleanser in the whole wide world. Hands down. No question. Done. Move on. Haha but seriously, this stuff is AMAZING. It is is gentle on the skin, but takes off every, and I mean EVERY speck of make-up on your face! And this year, I’m getting the biggie bottle to last me all year long! It is a must have for every woman (or man! My brother loves it too!! Hehe)!!

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils.
As I’ve said before, I’m a huge artist, it’s my passion!! Colored pencils are typically my favorite medium to use, and Primacolors are like the Cadillac of colored pencils! Haha. They are incredibly smooth, nothing blends like these babies! They are absolutely perfect!

Well, that’s what I’m hoping for this Christmas! What do you hope Santa brings this year?


Hello out there!!


Hello world!!
This is my first blog post, and I am so very excited to have started one!! I have followed many blogs before, and I always wanted to start one of my own, so here it is!
Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Rebecca, or more commonly Becca by my friends and family. I was born and raised in south Jersey until my family and I moved to our dream state, Florida!! I absolutely love it here! I love the warmth and the palm trees, and especially what we are known for, Disney World!! I also have three dogs, Italian Greyhounds to be exact! They’re names are, (what else? Hehe) Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. I love them all so so much. They are always there for me when I need them, especially my little Minnie! I know I’m not supposed to play favorites, but I can’t help it! She is 2 years old, but still looks like an adorable little puppy!! Hehe Mickey was our first little one, and he is just perfect! So sweet and always ready to snuggle and watch TV. And Goofy? Well let’s just say the name fits well!! Lol he is the funniest oaf of a dog I’ve ever seen!!
I am also a college student studying Studio Art, another one of my pride and joys! Right now I’m at the community college level, but m looking to transfer to a University to get my Bachelor’s in a year or two. I love school, I always have!
Tomorrow my family and I are decorating our house for Christmas! I love it so much! So very fun to deck the halls!! Hehe. Some think it’s too early, but I say, why wait to get into a positive, festive spirit, right? Hehe
Well, that concludes my first blog post! I look forward to sharing more soon!