Hello everyone!

A topic that came up in my life was the blasphemous DE-FRIENDING! Today I was de-friended on Facebook by one of my family members due to a little tiff. Now, some people view being de-friended as a frivolous detail; I, however, find it very rude. If I am so disposable as a “friend” that you can de-friend me, then why were you my friend? But what’s worse is when you log back in to a new friend request from the person who de-friended you! Personally, I would NEVER re-friend someone who de-friended me, unless it was an accident or we have seriously had a heart-to-heart and mended whatever problems where going on in real life. I refuse to fight petty fights via Facebook, or any social media for that mater!

So, how do you feel about de-friending people? Have you ever been de-friended? If so, would you ever accept another friend request from them again?


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  1. I have de-friended probably three quarters of my list over time, but all of them in the end weren’t friends, or we had moved on and didn’t even acknowledge each other down the street. I don’t take it personally when someone deletes me. I was recently deleted by a girl I had only know for a short time but that doesn’t mean to say when we see each other we don’t acknowledge each other. There is no hard feelings.

    • That’s very good! My problem is that I only accept friend requests from people I REALLY REALLY know lol. So I only have about 75 Facebook friends, but I know all of them very well in real life. So for me, if I am de-friended by one of them, it hurts a little more because I am closer to them. Thanks for commenting! xoxo ❤

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